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Multiple Scripts for Sale - Any interest?

Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 5:02 pm
by dmatthewsbnd251
#1 - Php Hole Closing Script - Php spammers (www@localhost) driving you crazy? This script will make your mail log show who sent an email with php, the same as if a cgi script had sent it. Searching through one user's files is so much easier than an entire server, wouldn't you agree? (Thinking of selling this for $25/server).

#2 Disk Space and Load Average monitors. Both configurable. Disk space monitor is "smart" in that you don't have to tell it how many home partitions you have. It figures it out on it's own and will just watch the threshhold you tell it, and email you when it's below that threshhold. /usr's threshold is seperately configurable. Thinking of selling them both together for $20/server.

#3 Backup the MailManager config files [edit by arf to protect server config] (...ever got a "what happened to all my email addresses complaint?), backs up all the index.html files (SiteXpress will overwrite these). It rotates out on a specified interval. This script isn't the fanciest, but gets the job done. $5/server.

I am a little new to selling my work on my own and I am not sure if there is an interest for these or not. Please post here if you are interested. If there is enough interest, I'll set up a shopping cart and give a link to those that would like to buy.


Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 5:17 pm
by Arf
Dave, thanks for posting these. I hope that this works out for you. I was also thinking that if you want to add these to the Alahosts catalog we could dedicate a section to your scripts and request that people pay you directly. It might be a way of getting wider exposure and not having to set up your own store. You could simply give me a link to your paypal account and people could go directly there from the store to pay you.

#1 above sounds really nice. I wish I'd had this years ago.

Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 4:38 pm
by dmatthewsbnd251
Sure, I can give you my Paypal info. Do I have to upload the scripts though? #1 is compiled and requires a key on a per server basis. I have a tool to generate the key when I need, but I didn't set up anything automated (yet) and would have done that on my own store. If it pays me and I am notified through email, I can just email the script with the key no problem.

Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 5:17 pm
by Arf
dmatthewsbnd251 wrote:Do I have to upload the scripts though?

No, I'll just forward them to a link you give me that goes to buy stuff in a payal cart. Then you email them the files as needed.