Set max size of email boxes across all accounts

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Set max size of email boxes across all accounts

Post by Arf » Sat May 28, 2005 8:45 pm

Problem: Users' email boxes fill up accounts/server.
Solution: Server owner sets a default email box size for all users who have not already set one for their email boxes.

I'm looking for opinions as to the following solution and plan. I find that if we work as a group on such things we all win. I'm not just looking for pats on the back (though they're always nice), I'm looking for suggestions on the implimentation I'm suggesting and then any questions/suggestions you have for the program itself.

Below is a program called "maxbox" that will enable all of us to provide a solution to this head ache. Here's what my plans are now that I have it.
1) Notify all clients that we will be setting a default limit on boxes that are not already set to 50 megs on X date. If they wish to prevent this, they should impose a limit manually via their MailManage.
2) Add info about this to our TOS
3) Run program.
4) Run program once a month to modify new accounts.

Source code is located in the private area due to security issues. To download program : ... 7691#17691

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