Clean up old files

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Clean up old files

Post by alsmith » Sat Mar 15, 2003 3:11 pm

The forum has many suggestions to clean up old files but I do it a little differently.

Here is the forum link

You can place this in a cron or just run it from time to time:

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 #clean up old files
find . -type f -mtime 30 -exec rm {} \;

This will delete files more that 30 days old so you could substitue the 30 with any number. Also you will note that it runs from the current directory thus the . after the find.

You could use:

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 #clean up old files
find /home/tmp-backup/client -type f -mtime 10 -exec rm {} \;

to clean files from the /home/tmp-backup/client that are older than 10 days.

I hope this helps. By the way my code is in a shell that I can execute from the command line or from cron. You can name it whatever you like. I use


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