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Who uses Costco/Elavon for CC processing (in Canada?)?

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:57 pm
by Sapphyre
Do the final rates remain at the posted rate? 2.23 for mail/telephone manually keyed trx? and no statement/equipment fees?

Our current processor touted us a rate of 3.8, then paraded a series of rate decreases to us down to 3.09 (you'd think good??) Each time they decreased the rate by .5 or .1, they turned around and tacked on additional line items for an even higher percentage to compensate. They are essentially penalizing us for our client's choice of card... every month it seems there's something else ... standard card, infiinite, recurring, international, now intracoutry, intraregional, premium, consumer highspend, business. Instead of 3.09, adding all those fees and the monthly service fee, our effective rate is near 5.5%

Need to raise customer prices. Cheaper with PayPal? What's your final Elavon rate like?

As consumers, we are fooling ourselves with reward cards. We're paying in the end with higher prices. It's like a savings plan. Pay more at the store, then eventually you get it back in the form of a bonus. Have boss withdraw more paycheck tax so you can have the fun of getting a refund to play with.