Anyone familiar with LPD print server Troubleshooting

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Anyone familiar with LPD print server Troubleshooting

Post by Sapphyre » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:27 pm

When I see a print job in lprspooler.log like this:

-oz -oa -o-n -oSV100q.L0z -o-w -o132 -o-l -o56 -o-k -d ricos3 -s -n1 /opt/silk/wk001/sv100q.l0z

I need to know where to look up what each of these options means? DO these -o relate to the printer type LPD vs SMB would have different o? Or are they specific to the printer (Ricoh vs HP) or print command language PCL for postscript vs PDF ?Or ar they specific to the program here which produced it (Silk)?

I can find only mention in printconf, lpd, lpadmin, etc of 'o' means options passed to the printer itself, but no further explanation of what those possible options are.

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