Suggestions to set up a redirect for multiple domains?

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Suggestions to set up a redirect for multiple domains?

Post by Sapphyre » Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:53 pm

Say I have sitebuilder.clientdomain.tld
and sitebuilder.clientdomain2.tld

What's the most efficient way to redirect these to an outside URL which I do not control?

I have been manually creating a subdomain in each control panel then using htaccess to redirect to the third party URL.
I don't wish to continue doing this FOR EACH account, obviously; once per server would be more like it.

I can add an A record for sitebuilder subdomain in the DNS template then what? How to telll Apache that any request for sitebuilder.x.x either:
  • - redirects directly to the external website
    - or else points to a document root for one of our own domains - and from there we can redirect
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