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How Do I Get Into the Private Forums?

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2003 11:27 pm
by Arf
It's easy and it's FREE...

1- Register as a user of the forums ... e=register

2- Qualify - read the rules.

3- Register for membership

What can you contribute to get into the forums?

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 2:16 am
by Arf
Many people seem to think that it's hard to figure out ten things to contribute so that they can get into the forums. Here is a list of suggestions:

- Share the names of 20 of your favorite ppc search engines
- Ask a question about something in the DSM
- Ask a question about HTML
- Ask a question about PHP
- Ask a question about MySQL
- Talk about your best client
- Talk about your worst client
- Warn people about a mistake they should avoid
- Do a review on a competing NOC
- Do a reveiw on a great hosting company
- Share information about your favorite online info site
- Share information about your favorite online tool
- Share info on the latest spammer that got into your system
- Share a redesign the Alahosts website
- Point others to your favorite script site
- Point others to your favorite script
- Point others to some tools for creating websites
- Share a snippet of Java or PHP that you've used
- Share a program you've written
- Warn others about a computer virus
- Point others to a new tool that's made your business easier
- Point others to a good source for inexpensive phone service
- Point others to a good source for toll free business numbers
- Help us find ways to get others interested in
- Proof read the new Alabanza tools for typos and tell the group
- Share a set of new icons for the control panel
- Share some news you've heard about the industry
- Share some rumor you've heard about other NOCs
- Ask if anyone has ever used a script you're interested in

I'm confident that you can find 10 items here that you can use to get 10 contributions to these forums so that you can enjoy private access.